Biodesign Innovation Labs

Portable And Affordable Life Saving Innovation To Solve Global Ventilator Shortage

About RespirAID

Our life-saving device- RespirAID is a low-cost, smart, and portable mechanical ventilation device that provides volume control ventilation for patients in ER, Ambulance, and Postoperative care/Anesthesia. RespirAID stabilizes patients in absence of sophisticated ventilators, by being a means of efficient replacement of manual ventilation in ICUs and transportation.

AWAITING Patents filed in OTHER 10 countries

It has Real-time display making it easier for operators to take quick decisions: -o-Breath Rate -o-Tidal Volume -o-Inspiratory Expiratory ratio -o-Peak Inspiratory Pressure

The safety alarm system calls the attention of the caretakers during emergency scenarios

The dedicated UPS facilitates hassle-free mobility of the patient within the hospital for examinations and surgeries

**Performance and safety evaluation as per ISO 80601-2-80:2018

**Awaiting FDA-EUA approval

Our Journey

On July 21, 2017, our journey started by winning a competition organized by CamTech-X associated with Massachusetts General Hospital for RespirAID prototype to finally being featured in Forbes India for innovator during COVID pandemic, in 2020.

In past 3 years, we completed the research and built our operational novel ventilator complying with international standards, in partnership with Remedio

Filed patents in more than 10 countries, won competitions …